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Driving in St Maarten

As in the USA, driving in St Maarten is on the right hand side. Right turns on red are prohibited and traffic conditions require somewhat defensive driving. Local laws require drivers and passengers to wear seat belts and motorcyclists to wear helmets. Children under 4 years of age should be in child safety seats; children under 12 should ride in the back seat.

Non-existent or hidden and poorly maintained street signs are the major road hazard in St Maarten. Therefore, drivers should proceed through intersections with caution. Although most roads are good in St Maarten, they are extremely slippery during rainfall. Nighttime driving is reasonably safe in St Maarten as long as drivers are familiar with the route and road conditions. Many streets are poorly lit or not lit at all.

To drive in St Maarten, all you need need is your valid home drivers licence. This is the same for both the French and Dutch sides of the island. Visitors driving on the island must exhibit a little bit of patience with the local livestock, as these animals are not afraid to take a pause right in the middle of the road. According to St Maarten and St Martin traffic law, cows have the right-of-way on the island. Tourist will have to sit and wait out these beasts, who often take their time crossing the road.





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